Efthymios Tsaprazlis

I'm a senior ECE student at National Technical University of Athens and an undergraduate research assistant at CVSP Group , working with professor Petros Maragos. At the same time, I am an external collaborator of the Machine Learning Lab at Univerity of Texas at Austin, where I work with professor Alex Dimakis. This August I am joining USC as CS PhD student in SAIL under the supervision of Shrikanth S. Narayanan.

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My research interests lie in the intersection of applied and theoretical machine learning along with applications in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing. Currently, I am working on contrastive learning and self-supervised learning for vision-language.


• [Aug 2024] I am starting my PhD at University of Southern California.

• [Jan 2024] I started a new position as Research Assistant in Robotics Unit of the Athena Research and Innovation Center (Athena RC) and CVSP Group.

• [Oct 2023] Our paper "Enhancing CLIP with a Third Modality" got accepted in NeurIPS 2023 Workshop: Self-Supervised Learning - Theory and Practice.

• [Oct 2023] I joined Workable as a Machine Learning Engineer intern.


clean-usnob Enhancing CLIP with a Third Modality
Efthymios Tsaprazlis, Georgios Smyrnis, Alexandros G. Dimakis, Petros Maragos,

NeurIPS Workshop: Self-Supervised Learning - Theory and Practice, 2023